Tarp Ghost

Tarp Ghost @ Extermination Night X, Bloor Bridge, 2008. Photo by Sombre Reptiles.

Tarps are temporary shelters that last forever.
We use them to house our properties,
our beloved nostalgias,
our technological wonders,
our backyard bounties
and broken windows.

We entrust them to protect our sacred items.
We contort them and tie them down.
When the job is done we discard them
and throw them away.

“Tarp Study 1” Watercolour, 2010. Vanessa Rieger

Their Ephemeral permanence is beyond
our capacity of understanding.
Bound to the surface for the earth
by their polyethylene compound,
they wander for centuries,
seeking purpose
and yearning to be whole once more.

“Kitegeist” Installation with artist Neelam Kler, 2009.

Blowing in the winds of our peripherals
they haunt us with prophetic visions of the apocalypse.
We dont notice because we think they’re garbage.

Tarp Ghost at the Kodak Factory (RIP), 2009. Photo by Mike Toledano.

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