Vanessa B. Rieger

2008, BFA, Major in Drawing and Painting, Ontario College of Art and Design.
2003, High school Diploma, Majoring in Theatre, Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.

Exhibition History:
2012, Reshelving Initiative 5, Eyelevel Gallery. Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2011, The Revolution Will Be Web Streamed Live, Window Box at Gallery 1313, Toronto
2011, Anonymous Identities, Mercury Café, Toronto On.
2010, GHOST HOLE II, The White House, Toronto, On.
2010, Secular Miracle, Eastern Bloc. Montreal, Quebec.
2010, Hidden Windows, Khyber Arts Centre. Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2010, MirrOrriM (Mirror Mirror), The White House. Toronto On.
2010, Free drawings 7, Double Double Land. Toronto, On.
2009, Super Art Show, The House of Super Everlasting Joy. Toronto, On.
2009, GHOST HOLE, The White House. Toronto, On.
2009, It Follows Me, Double Double Land. Toronto, On.
2009, Peripheral Redundance: The Other In The Every Day, DeLeon White Gallery. Toronto.
2009, Lunar Landings, Gallery 1313, Toronto On.
2009, High Hopes, The White House. Toronto, On.
2009, As Much As Possible, Minnow & Bass. Toronto, On.
2008, Jesi the Flamer: Fundraiser, Charlie’s Gallery. Toronto, On.
2008, In Situ, OCAD Student Gallery. Toronto, On.
2008, Queen West Art Crawl: Open Studio, Studio J. Toronto, On.
2008, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Philips Square. Toronto, On.
2008, Evolving DNA, OCAD Grad Show. Toronto, On.
2008, Friends Make Friends Wear Helmets, Bordem Skate Shop. Hamilton, On.
2008, Free Drawings I, XPACE. Toronto, On.
2007, Give It Up, Sublime Coffee. Toronto, On.
2007, Retro Show. Transit Space, OCAD. Toronto, On.
2006, Graffiti Transformation Project: The Final Show, Adrift Skateshop. Toronto, On.
2006, Grand Opening Show. Whipper Snapper Gallery. Toronto, On.
2005/06/07, Little Art Show. Riverdale Artist Network/BWM Showroom. Toronto, On.

Curatorial History
2011, GHOST HOLE III, El Gordo’s Backyard, in Toronto’s Kensington Market, On.
2011, Guess What?! Artist Lecture Series, The White House, Toronto On.
2010, GHOST HOLE II, The White House, Toronto, On.
2009, GHOST HOLE, The White House. Toronto, On.
2009, The White House Zine Fair. The White House. Toronto, On. (Organizer)
2008, Welcome to the White House, The White House. Toronto, On. (Co-curator)
2007, Button Show, Collective 7. Toronto, On. (Co-curator)
2007, 777. Collective 7. Toronto, On.
2006, What Little Girls are Made of, Freedom Clothing Collective. Toronto, On. (Co-curator)

Other (misc.)

2011, ALL CAPS FESTIVAL, Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island. (Performance/Installation)
2011, Please Copy Us Forever, Dundas Square Intersection, Toronto On. (Actor)
2009, Dan Deacon Concert, DeLeon White Gallery. Toronto, On. (Installation)
2009, Double Double Land Land, XPACE, Toronto On. (Actor)
2008, The Yellow Stairwell Mural Project, OCAD’s Yellow Stairwell. Toronto, On. (Mural)
2008, Extermination Music Night X, Bloor St. Viaduct Bridge. Toronto, On. (Installation)