Big on Bloor: BAAF performance

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Last weekend I participated with the Big on Bloor arts festival in Toronto. A “Performance Cube” was created and curated by White House Studio members Basil AlZeri and David Graham. For two days the cube showcased a revolving array of different White House Studio members doing different performances. I performed a new piece called Eye-Catching where I performed the ritualized process of creating these objects I call “Eye-Catchers”. Similar to the idea of dream-catchers, my Eye-Catchers are meant to be used as talismans against the evil eye. Reflective, colourful and flashy, they’re meant to catch one’s first glance, which is thought in superstitions to be the most potent and deadliest of gazes. I performed in my Tarp Ghost persona and gave the Eye-Catchers to anyone in the audience that would hold eye contact with me. Overall, I felt the performance went really well and people seemed very curious about the piece. Video coming soon.

Any thoughts?

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