New Traditions 2012

On June 30th, 2012… I worked with Whippersnapper helping to prepare and work the New Traditions arts and music festival. Overall it was a huge success and heavily attended. I dont think I’ve been to a more laid back festival before. Everyone was exploring the space and hanging out on the beach, listening to live music, swimming in the lake and taking in different performances. I had such a magical day and felt proud of all my friends and co-whippersnapper members for doing such an amazing job.

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During setp-up I mainly helped my friend Felix Kalmenson with this floating room installation. Weeks before we reclaimed discarded barrels from the island dump to help build the raft… which was a pretty treacherous mission, but we came out alive! Felix then spent all week building the room and structure, then I helped with final touches and helping haul it to the beach. Overall, I think the project was a huge success, and when inside the floating room looking out the window, it gave you a sense of calm and serenity… just beyond the crazy party that was happening on shore. That night, once most of the crowds had thinned out and gone back to mainland, a lot of residents and other artists swam up to the room and really max out the capacity. It was so much fun but also frightening because it looked as if the room would just fall apart. If anything it tested Felix’s workmanship, and passed. The room held up with over 15 people inside, all singing and dancing and being debaucherous! I have fond memories of moon jamming with the CN tower liquidation guys and Emily Hogg, serenading the moon… and watching the crazy red moon-set with Sandy Plotnikoff. I was also given the opportunity to test trail a performative project of mine called NIGHTLIFEGUARD… which essentially was just to look out for people swimming in and out to the room and just generally be the life guard for such a crazy night. And also to provide glo-sticks and strobe lights. I got really positive feedback about the project idea and it really has motivated me to keep going with it.

Felix Kalmenson is working on making the Floating Room an artist residency. I will be the 2nd showing artist in this new space! Please support!
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