Crystal Resin Magic

If you didn’t already know this about me, I am a crystal enthusiast and a geology lover since I was a kid. I started collecting rocks and fossils at a very young age, and as a young girl was more into dinosaurs than barbie dolls. To say the least, this interest hasn’t faded over the years, and if anything has only increased. When I began doing research on superstitions, the evil eye and ideas about “power of the gaze” it lead me straight back into crystals. Seems that there are a lot of old and new age beliefs about crystals and the “powers” they potentially contain. Some crystals like quartz can emit and electrical spark when struck together, others like tourmaline can produce + and – poles when heated or rubbed. The hidden nature of crystals and minerals is often overlooked or just thought of as “pretty rocks”, it also seems to be a growing trend but with very little understanding of minerals and geology. It can seem that human being’s attraction to gems is just an aesthetically pleasing one, but when you think of the millions of years, the amount of heat and pressure that goes into nature creating these gems, it really does begin to make more sense that these stones could posses higher energies and vibrations. Even if people have a little-to-no knowledge of crystals, perhaps they are sub-consciously attracted to their “hidden energies”? Just as people say organic fruits have higher energy content than GMO foods, why can’t stones and crystals be the same? Now, at this point you’re starting to think I’m a total geek, and you are absolutely right. To find out more about my personal crystal collection, you can check out my rock hound page:

Recently at the studio, artist Sarah D’Angelo and I were on the subject of crystals when I told her about this new thing I heard about through crystal websites called ORGONITES. Now, orgonites are a specifically new-agey concept. It’s the idea that by using metal, crystals and resin molds you can create meta-physical psychic filters. The metal supposedly attracts negative energy and the crystals transmute this energy upwards and outwards while the resin pretty much just suspends the materials in a shape. This whole concept was created and scientifically studied by psycho-analyst Wilhelm Reich. Scientifically its a very interesting theory and Sarah and I became obsessed with the idea of making Orgonites!

Since Sarah and I are both beginners to resin use, we used this interest to begin experimenting with resin and learning how to use it. Overall it’s been a fun experience with satisfying results. Here are the first batch of Orgonites I’ve made. They were made from gem stones beads I’ve collected from discarded jewelry found at thrift shops and I specifically used shapes that some people would refer to as “sacred geometry” to create Organites for specific purposes. Expect more from me soon!

Tetrahedron Organite: Contains smokey quartz, Hematite, burnt sage and joint roach. Use: to overcome addictions/smoking.

Cone Orgonite. Contains: Quartz, Smokey Quartz layered in rock, copper penny. Use: Stabilizer/Focus.

Quadrahedron Orgonite. Contains: Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tiger's eye and pink Aluminum . Use: Attracting Love and Self-love.

3-Teir Pyramid Orgonite. Contains: (from top to bottom) Quartz, Mother of Pearl, Malachite, Turquoise, Hematite, Tiger's Eye, Copper. Use: Multi-purpose. Healer. Transmutes negativity, removes fear.

Any thoughts?

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