DIY Voice Modifier Box

Last year I bought a shitty voice modifier at Value Village during their halloween sale.
It was fun for two seconds, then I realized how limited it was. The mic that came with it was soooo lo quality, and the speaker attached to it had no low end at all. It sat in my desk collecting dust until the other week when I suddenly got a craving for electronics and thought it would be fun to do a little project.

So I looked up some guides on the internet and decided to modify it.
I took off the shitty mic and the shitty speaker and attached a mini mic input and amp output connectors that I bought from Active Surplus. Then made a cute little custom box for it. Brandon Dalmer was at the studio and helped me put it all together… took us about half an hour! Now I have this sweet voice modifier that I can plug into an amp and when I run it through a delay peddle…
it makes some heavy industrial noises.

For my first time doing this kinda thing, i’m really happy with the result!

Any thoughts?

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