Please Copy Us Forever

Back in February of this year, I participated with Life of a Craphead for their performance “Please Copy Us Forever”. All the actors involved were characters scripted by Craphead and encouraged to shamelessly promote themselves on the streets of Dundas and Yonge every Saturday for 4 weeks. The 4 All-Way crossing intersection at Dundas Square was the stage and all hell would brake loose. I played a desperate out of work actor who had resorted to pantomiming Lois Lane with Superman on the streets for money. We proclaimed we were the “Best Lois Lane and Superman in the GTA” and requested one Loonie from everyone who took a photo.

Me performing as “The Best Superman and Lois Lane in the GTA” with Mark Rainey.
Jon and Amy as “The Best Superman and Lois Lane in the GTA Copy Cats”.

The whole experience was surreal. The environment at Dundas square is such a strange one and many times the performers would come out and have to compete with sidewalk drummers, religious fanatics, charity organizations and teenagers out on school projects giving out free hugs. There were many times where it was hard to distinguish between the two. Who were the actors? Who were just real people? And who was funnier? Most people seemed startled and shook up out of their shopping zombification. I had my photograph taken so many times during the performance, I decided half way through that I wanted take my own pictures. I got them developed recently. If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to lie on the ground in the middle an intersection dressed as Lois Lane while Superman rescues you with tons of people staring… this is what you would see.

The majority of the experience was lots of fun and generally positive, however there were a few scary moments. Like the disgruntled young mother who was dragging her son by the arm behind her and took the time to walk up to me and say: “You look retarded”. Then there was the crackhead guy with huge open gashes and welts on his face who tried to steal my suitcase of loose change and then proceeded to hit on me (luckily Superman came and saved me. My hero!). While we were posing in front of one car in the intersection the driver thought it would be funny to rev his engine aggressively… it was nerve racking! And then there was the exciting moment when the cops were called in… but only to arrest a guy on the streetcar who was supposedly threatening people with a weapon! Other than that, everyone enjoyed the show me and Superman recieved lots of compliments and smiles.

My favourite moment of the whole performance was when this enthusiastic blonde girl payed me 5$ to switch places with her and take her picture! She was super sweet and seem to really be enjoying herself.

After the performance me and Mark took our earnings and bought Tim Hortons for everone! To see more photos and video of the performance go to the “Please Copy Us Forever” website. Also this is a fun short video with me and Superman at the very end.

ALSO: “Just Another Cup” by MC CUP music video really should have won a Much Music Video Award.

Any thoughts?

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