Tarp Ghost Sightings

Reference for current painting in progress.

I have been collecting a lot of source material off the internet and discovered a whole series of Tarp Ghosts. I’m currently working on a watercolour triptych on this theme.
The way a plastic tarp drapes over mangled wreckage is an exciting juxtaposition for me as a painter. Smooth and sharp contours… the destruction of form and the creation of a new form. The concept that the tarp acts as a censor, yet a censor that is eye catching and colourful! It seems like such a visual conflict for me as the viewer. Already the spectacle of the crash attracts your eye, and the tarp reaffirms the worst in these situations; a fatality has occurred and the tarp covers the horrifying scene. Yet, you look… and you know… but are only left to study the contours of the tarp… like a beautiful landscape scene that has grown on top of a mass grave…
a morbid still life. Ghosts.

Rumor has it:
Tarp Ghost might be appearing this weekend at the All Caps Festival on Toronto island. Pay your respects.

Any thoughts?

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