Working Hard in the Summer Heat

Summer 2011 has been an amazingly educational summer so far! I know this might sound lame to some of you, but learning, especially outside of the boundaries of an institution has been empowering. Working for and with other artists has been a total pleasure.

I started this summer off by traveling to Iris Fraser‘s farm where she gave a free landscaping workshop. She taught me about transplanting, identify certain plants/diseases and aesthetic techniques to gardening. Her Dad showed me around his huge glass blowing studio and it was the first time I swam in Lake Eerie. Then back in the city I volunteered with Life of a Craphead helping them with the sets for their upcoming movie: BUGS. I painted cocoons and giant tubes. I also was an extra in the “party scene” where everyone was instructed to go crazy and it turned into quite the bug mosh pit orgy rave. Then I was offered a job working for puppet master Jamie Shannon on Toronto Island, renovating and repairing the new Artscape Boat. Working on the Toronto Island was just magical and the Gibraltar Point Artscape building is a dream filled with wonderful people. I look forward to one day attending the residency. Then in between all of this I have been framing art and traveling to Prince Edward County. I’ve been helping my family with renovations on their country home that they are converting into a Bed & Breakfast. To say the least, this summer has been hectic, but well worth all the effort. All the knowledge i’ve gained and put to use is rewarding unto itself, and not to mention making new friends is always a bonus. Now enough of me blabbering, here are the photos!

My bubblegum bee hive I made at Iris’ farm, salvaged from an abandoned apiary.

More photos after the jump!

Jamie with his “Girlfriend” on the Artscape dock.

Randy Gagne, Me, Sarah Bodri and Kat Burns working away.

Window repair.

Using git-rot to repair damaged wood around window.

Our outdoor workshop.

Randy cutting down the reeds.

A swan comes to visit us while we work.

Unfortunately, the area near the dock is also home to colonies of Fire Ants.

Randy deep in the bilge.

That’s one clean-ass bilge.

The girls help paint the hull while David Hanes uses epoxy to repair holes.

Final touch: painting the deck.

The boat before repairs…

and after! Man Made Hill performs live on deck.

We also helped Joshua Barndt launch his man-made raft into the lake.

Followed by dock party!

House in Picton before renovations…

After the outside of extension is completed. Oscar the Basset hanging out.

Custom doors we made out of solid wood.

Exterior insulation near back porch area.

The kitchen is almost complete.

A garden area in the front I cleaned up using what I learned from Iris.

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