All Night Performance Show Sleep Over Party!

TARPGHOST may appear at this event.

Saturday July 9, 7:00pm – Sunday July 10, 1:00pm
25 Polson Pier
Toronto, ONT

PWYC Suggested $10

How to get there:
Performances will happen in and around VSVSVS (studio/gallery/warehouse)​, Cherry Beach and Polson Pier.

Simon Black
Ulysses Castellanos
Annie Onyi Cheung
Vanessa Dion Fletcher
Adriana Disman
Morgan Eadie
Marisa Hoicka
Alexa MacKenzie
Stephen Mcleod
Johnson Ngo
Cara Spooner
Stacey Sproule
K. Till-Landry in collaboration with Sybil Prentice
Jessica Vallentin

Iris Fraser-Gudrunas is our DJ. There will be a dance party.

Eat Sleep Breathe (and Shit) is curated by Maggie Flynn


Event photo: Morgan Eadie

Any thoughts?

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