Window Installation at Gallery 1313

I will be showing an installation in the window at Gallery 1313 this month.
The piece coincides with the Contact photography show “Raw Memory”.

Title: “Salivating Security” and “The Revolution Will Be Web Streamed Live”

“Interested in the power dynamics of surveillance, Rieger explores the Egyptian revolution through the eyes of surveillance cameras. In Gil Scot-Heron’s poem The revolution will not be Televised he ends with the line “The revolution will be live”. Where television was a passive experience for the audience, the internet and web cameras can empower its viewers, giving them up to the second live coverage and sometimes the control to manipulate the camera. The Egyptian revolution is considered by some to be the first web-based revolution, since facebook and twitter played important roles in organizing the people. Rieger’s two pieces placed together creates a dialogue between the camera (the act of watching/witnessing) and the video footage (the action/revolutionary event).”

“Salivating Security”

Any thoughts?

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